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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Crash fix

He should have some posters with daily /21 whatever they it now. If you show up at Parris Island overweight it's going to be tough and could be a long stay, best to lose before you go there. (ask your recruiter what the pork chop platoon is, you don't want to be in it) at 17 you should be 23439 to run, eat cleanly and lose weight. No soda No candybars No junk food Chicken, beef, fruits vegetables and water As mentioned, if your recruiter is worth a shit, he will help you make weight to get you on your way. Are you in the DEP program already? If so, you should have some poolees to train with. Run, hike (with a pack), do pullups, situps, pushups and do so religiously. Best of luck, you've got your work cutout for you.



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